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So, you need Coin Master Free Spins and coins, and you have to test all working method and cheats to get these, but none of them works till now. Today we are going to present you 08 Tips to Get Coin Master Free Coins and Spins which will give you winning edge over your Opponent.

Welcome to the world of Viking where you need to plunder other people village for survival and with the help of spinning the wheel you will decide the faith of the other players.

08 Tips to Get Coin Master Free Coins and Spins

There is many Scam going on the internet which claims to give user unlimited coins with within minutes, but the fact is they did not deliver as they suggest. All these Scam websites work on making people complete surveys or by installing .exe files in their computer. So, avoid all these hack or cheats which will compromise your safety and security.

Here are some working points by which you can get free coins and spins:

  1. Play Daily

If you want to survive in this Viking world, then you need to log in daily and play daily. You will get a free spin at intervals which will fetch your huge coins and another game resource which will be useful for your journey.

If you are not playing Coin Master for some days, then don’t think that your spin will be accumulated, and you will get huge free spins. It depends on how much time you spend on the game, so our advice is to play the game daily.

  1. Subscribe Daily Newsletter

One of the best methods to earn free spins and coins are to subscribe daily newsletter which will ensure that you will receive your daily rewards in the form of spins or coins. You need to subscribe to these newsletters by allowing your official email is linking to the game and getting the notification button on for receiving the newsletter.

  1. Connect with Facebook

One of the most trusted and best method to get free Spin and coin is to connect your game to your Facebook account. Every game developer wants its game to reach to million users, to do this they require free promotion.

When you connect your Facebook account and share one Coin Master link in your Facebook wall, all of your friends get the notification, and some of them will join the game to enjoy playing with you. So, by adding your game account with your Facebook account, Coin Master is getting free promotion.

  1. Spend Coins Judiciously

When every you got coins in Coin Master game, try to construct new Building and upgrading those. When every you reach or clear a level you receive huge rewards which can be used to spend on buying other game resources.

For this very reason, you need to constantly keep on the build and upgrading all resources present in your village. Always remember you need to unlock new village and make it powerful enough to save any incoming attack before you log off from the game.

  1. Unlock New Village

The job of making your village upgraded to the fullest will be rewarded with the unlocking of the new village. Whenever you unlock a new village you will receive a huge bonus which will have free spins and coins and these resources will be helpful in developing you knew the village. Remember, try to maximize all the houses and other building present in your Village so that you can unlock a new level and get a new village.

  1. Invite Friends to play the game

Every game becomes more fun to play when you play them with your friends. If you invite your Friends in Coin Master, you will get bonus rewards and free spins. You can check your affiliate link and paste them on Facebook or other social media platform, and whenever anyone joins using your link, you will get free 25 Spins.

  1. Watch Video Ads

You can also receive free spin and coins when you watch video ads which are present during the game. You need to click on the video or lightning icon present on the bottom right of your mobile screen, and video ads will run.

Always remember to spend some time on these video ads, as they can fetch you free 15000 coins and free spins. One thing which you should note here is video ads will depend on which country you belong and if there are any ads available in your country.

  1. Online Tool

If you find these methods are not quite enough to get coins and free spins, then you can check “online generator tool” which will fetch you free thousands of coins and spins within a matter of time. But you should search for a good website which gives these coins, as during our research we did not find any website which gives free coins.

Final words

We hope if you are looking for free coins then our article 8 Tips to Get Coin Master Free Coins and Spins will help in your endeavor. We hope that after you follow our free method, you will get huge rewards and get free coins and Spins.